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10 best job site in singapore for foreigners

Best job site in singapore for foreigners - List of 10 Job Website

So Foreigners in Singapore are actually searching for Best Job Site in Singapore for Foreigners and that is because they are looking for Job Opportunities that is targeted at Foreigners in Singapore without any restriction, Documentation or Complication with their status as a Foreigner residing in Singapore.

So Today we decided to talk about the list of the best job website in singapore for foreigners while listing the Pros and the Cons and the Cost involved in using this Job Site in Singapore that is aimed at giving Foreigners the Opportunity to secure a decent Job while residing as an Alien or a Foreigner in Singapore.

In Singapore, there are so many Websites out there that you can hop into and do a Job Search but finding the right Job could be very daunting and tedious as you will need to compare and decide which works better and for People that would not love to go through the stress of searching through the Website for thousands and Millions of Vacancies, they can as well adopt the approach of going through a Job Agency which is also online.

But for our Article today, we are making a list of 10 Best Job site in Singapore for Foreigners and the list is below.

10 best job site in singapore for foreigners

With over 15 Million Employees and Job Seekers securing their Dream Jobs each day through Job Street, this Job Portal stands to be one of the most Popular and Best job site in Singapore for Foreigners. Apart from servicing the Singapore Job Market, Job Street also connects Employees and Employers in 4 more Countries apart from the Singapore, precisely Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Job Street is a Member of the Network as well as International Association of Employment Websites (IAEWS)

2. Indeed

Indeed is actually a Global Job Posting Site but has a dedicated Singapore Version of its site which comes with the Official Singapore .sg extension, by accessing , you are actually visiting Indeed in Singapore to Search for Job Vacancies and Openings in Singapore.

Indeed is a globally known Job Platform that allows Employees to Post their Resume and start applying for all available Job Vacancies Free of charge while on the other hand, it offers Employers the flexibility to Post their Job Offerings Freely or with the Paid Option that ranges from $1.30 - $5 for each Job Posting.

3. Fast Jobs 

Fast Jobs is one of the best Job Site in Singapore for Foreigners that also have a nice App on the Play Store, with the Fast Job App, Foreigners seeking for Jobs in Singapore can Search through thousands of Vacancies and can Apply for these Jobs through either of these Mediums:
1. Email
2. SMS Message
3. Call.
You can Download the Fast Job App here on the Playstore to start searching for Jobs as a Foreigner.

4. Singapore Jobs

Singapore Jobs is yet another Best Job Site in Singapore that Foreigners could consider, though it looks more like a Job Blog but it sure delivers when it comes to the Job listing there on Singapore Jobs. The Website list Jobs Security Jobs in Singapore, Hotel Jobs in Singapore, Engineering Jobs in Singapore and lots of other Job and Career Resources that might be useful to Foreigners like Moving to Singapore section. 

5. Job Central

With a Simple and unique interface with just a single Search Form field, Job Central stands out to be one of the Best job site in Singapore for foreigners as it boast of a whooping 800,000 Users on their Job Portal. On the 1st of April, 2011, Job Central had joined the CareerBuilder Family, a US based Job Portal. Apart from Job, Job Central offers Educational Resources, Scholarship Opportunities and Career information for to over 2 Million users across the Singapore each year.

6. Future Work

job site in singapore for foreigners futurework

What does it sound like to get the Jobs of Tomorrow today? That's exactly what Future Work Promises it users acros Singapore. Future Work is a Classified Job website that offers Job Openings for Job Seekers and Job Posting for Employers.

The Future Work Job Portal makes it easy for Employees as all Job Seekers could browse Jobs by Categories and Companies. Job Seekers has the Option of Submitting CV's and also Subscribing to a predefined Job Alert which can be delivered to them via Mail.

Future Work charges Employers $28 for their Silver Package which allows just one Job Posting and $240 for the Gold Package which allows up to 10 Job listing, while their Platinum package goes for $990 and allows up to 50 Job posting.

7. Jobs DB

jobsDB Singapore Job site for foreigners

Jobs DB is dubbed the Indeed Job of Singapore due to the similarities in design and navigation of one of the most popular and used Job Portal in Singapore for Foreigners. One unique and exciting thing about Jobs DB is the fact that it allows you to Post Jobs Free of charge without paying a dime just like the Free Basic Plan of Indeed Jobs.

Apart from Singapore, Jobs DB is in other Asian Countries like Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand. Their Job Search result is simple, sleek and user friendly just like that of Indeed. If you need a heads up with Jobs DB, head down to their FAQ page here.

8. Monster Jobs

Career Advise, Job Search and Hiring Resources and Contents is what you get from Monster Job, a global Job Portal that also carters for the Singaporean Job Market.

With more than 5 Million Jobs listed on the Monster Job Portal, every Foreigner residing in Singapore will not have a hard time securing a decent Job in Singapore, this alone made us rank the Monster Job site #3 among all job site in Singapore for Foreigners.

Monster Jobs also offers Resume writing Services to Job Seekers and am sure that their Service will be a top notch.

9. Recruit .Net is said to be Locally Crafted but Globally accessible in the sense that the Platform carters for the Global Market, connecting Job Seekers to Companies across several Countries in the world of which Singapore is one of them.

From the Menu bar, you can switch from one Country to the other and switching to Singapore by selecting the Singapore flag, leads you to a sub domain with the word singapore on it.

10. Find SG Jobs

The SG in the name Find SG Jobs stands for Singapore and I believe that an average Singaporean would have understood that easily but for a Foreigner seeking for Jobs in Singapore, that wouldn't have been the case.

Find SG Jobs also carters for both Employers (Job Givers) and Employees (Job Seekers) and their Job Search filters are a little bit more advanced, giving you the opportunity to filter your Job preferences perfectly.

 Find AG Jobs has a very nice Event called the Walk In Interview that allows them to Pre-screen you and recommend you to an Employer, after screening, I believe that you could go through some series of trainings to make you eligible.

Summary: job site in singapore for foreigners 

We have come to the end of job site in singapore for Foreigners and while researching for this Job Portals in Singapore, we tried our best to only list out the good ones and we believe that we might somehow missed out on some great Job portals, if this is true, Please kindly comment such in the comment area.

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