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How to start an online Business, grow it to reach 1,000,000 users through SEO and Social Media (Step by Step guide with Q&A and online support)

How to start an online Business, grow it to reach 1,000,000 users through SEO and Social Media (Step by Step guide with Q&A and online support)

How to start an online Business and grow it to reach 1,000,000 users through SEO and Social Media (Step by Step guide with Q&A and online support)

Today I want to begin a series of article that will talk about how you can literally pick up and idea, vet the idea to be a viable and suitable one and then begin your Journey to converting that idea into a lucrative Product or Service that people are willing to pay for, then ultimately a sustainable Company. This post will give you a step by step guide with the necessary tools and support, with access to the most informative questions and answers (Q&A) on how you can start, grow and expand your own Business online and then growth hack it to reach out to 1,000,000 users around the World using the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media. It will be a series and might take a while but I promise you that it will worth your time and commitment, I will try as much as possible to include every possible thing you will need to get started, so put on your seat belt, buckle up as we head for this Fast and Furious ride.

How does a typical Mindset of an Entrepreneur think and how to think as an Entrepreneur: Sacrifice, Patience, Flexibility, Innovative, Adapting to changes, persistence, diligent, and above all being a problem solver.

One of the greatest factors that differentiates the Wealthy from the Poor isn't really about their background, race, color differences, age nor religion BUT their mind set, so before you venture into this journey of life called Entrepreneurship, I would want you to do some very vital exercises like unlearning the things you where thought in School so that when learning these new things, there won't be conflicts, because believe it or not, what was taught in school is entirely different from Entrepreneurship, can you remember back in the days when our parents always wanted us to be Doctors, Engineers, Oil workers, Lawyers, Bankers, etc., and the Schools we went to, the movies we watched and the music we listened to all conspired against us to make this a reality, no one really talked about becoming an Entrepreneur, owning the Bank instead, or running your own Business, School above all prepared us to become an Employee to an Employer.

I believe that school makes a complete fool of our young men - Petronius Satyricon

School is really great for some people, while it is a total waste of time for others and according to an Internet Entrepreneur, "School teaches you how to make Money for others", basically what school does is to show you how to operate in the corporate career settings where you work for the Boss who catches the big fishes and then share some for you - a tip of the iceberg. You see back in the days when you are wrapping up with school, the next thing they begin to teach you is how to land your next big job and the question I ask myself is "who will then create the jobs" when school is teaching millions of students how to get a job
If you do a practical analysis on the majority of Wealthy men and successful Business women out there, you will agree with me that they are not a product of a formal school, most of them actually shunned school and went ahead to create jobs for themselves and millions of others instead of looking for one

NOTE: Being an Employee is not a bad deal at all in its entirety, as a matter of fact I will be writing about how to become great in your work places as an Employee, climb the ladder to the top of the Board and Owners of the Company and make way more than any of your Colleagues after this article, and why am doing so is because I believe that so many people out there might not fancy Entrepreneurship due the tedious requirements and sacrifices that you ought to pay, some people are hardworking when it comes to clocking into work every morning and clocking out at night and then get their pay check at the stipulated time but lazy in Entrepreneurship while some are lazy when it comes to clocking into work every day and get their paycheck at month end because they hate not being free, not having all the time they need and when they need it.

That being said, it does not mean that you cannot become any of them, If you want to be an Employee working for paychecks, you can be the very best of it and if you want to be an Entrepreneur who works for himself and earns his Freedom both financially and Independently, you can still be the very best of it, Henry ford once said;

Whether you think you can, or you can't... you are right - Henry Ford

In a nutshell, I need to carry you through an Orientation that will change your mindset about Business, Entrepreneurship and the business side of Life so that you can succeed. At this point you will make that decision before we proceed, the choice is all your, do you want to become an Entrepreneur or an Employee, you picked the first option, then ride on, if it is the second option you opted in for, then proceed to the article about employees above.

How to get the right Business Idea, through Thinking, brainstorming and problems / challenges lurking within  

After deciding that you want to venture into Entrepreneurship, that you want to start a Business of your own, the next big question will be what am I going to do, what Business should I do, because any and all basis of your Business would start with an Idea, so how do you get Ideas? Most of the time we get ideas through a flash, maybe unconsciously, most of the time I myself do get Ideas when am in the bathroom taking a shower and when am talking to someone about Ideas, I also tend to catch up nice Ideas while sleeping, in my dreams, the last and normal way is thinking, take a pen and a shit of paper, go to a quiet place and start imagining things, think deep and let your mind wonder into the thinking realm.

Below are 7 ways to get viable Business Ideas that will work (Updated)

1. Think about other solutions that are solving problems already

 and try to clone such concept to other nature of Business. For instance there have been a Network Marketing Business that allows you to sell Nutritional pills and Supplements and earn for referring people to sign up and buy these supplements too like GNLD, you can copy same business model and use it with something else other than Supplements that is well used in your community, for instance Wine, you can deploy same Business Model with Wines, or Watches or about anything else, Direct Cellars Wine Club is already doing that with wine and they are very Successful, Watch Gang is doing that too with wrist Watch by giving its members a new different brand of watch each Month. You can learn more about direct Cellars and how to earn from them while drinking great wines from this post, Websites you can earn from: What are the best Websites online that you can make money from, I have used them before and made more than $500 within a space of 2 Months.

Direct Cellars Wine Club using Network Marketing Business Model

How to start an online Business, grow it to reach 1,000,000 users through SEO and Social Media (Step by Step guide with Q&A and online support)

Watch Gang doing the same thing but with Wrist Watch

2. Think of an already established Business and how it could be better,

look at the flaws they have, the bad reviews of users, the gaps and loopholes they have kept on the system and come out with a much more better version like 50% ahead of it. Don't just carry an App like WhatsApp which is way too big and say I will add Group Video functionality since they don't have such feature and release it, it won't work, you will fail wonderfully, because even if they don't have Group Video Calling feature as at that time, you never can tell if it's in their To do list and besides it's better off cloning small and medium sized successful Business as opposed to their Big counterparts except you have what it takes, that is enough Funding, enough capacity and human resources.

Think of an already established Business and how it could be better

3. Think of Problems within your society, community, state or Country,

you can even think of global issues too, think of all the problems that are happening around you and in the World, then enter the thinking realm once more to consider a better solution to those problems and challenges, while thinking, you might hit a precious stone, thinking for ideas like this is like going into the caves in search for precious stones, you never can tell what's in wait for you.

4. Ask your Friends, relatives, coworkers, acquaintances, neighbors and siblings

what they think are challenges they see in their lives, around them, their School, workplace, place of worship, hangouts, playgrounds and libraries, you can even go ahead to ask them what they think could be the Solution

5. Another great way to get Ideas is to travel or go sightseeing,

I know of a guy who goes to the top of a long story building or skyscraper to sit all alone with a shit of paper and writing utilities to watch people passing on the road and the aerial view of all the chaos happening in the city, after a while he comes down with lots of ideas. Travelling to far places and tourist centers like Zoo, big non-conventional malls are another great way to generate Ideas, when you go to places you see things that are not there in your community but could work and might serve people in your community as well, you study more about it and bring it home to establish it.

Another great way to get Ideas is to travel or go sightseeing

Someone once visited the Zoo and then thought to himself that he never knew this beautiful place existed and he believes that thousands of others aren't aware too and the Idea of building an App of all the Zoos in the Country came to his mind, off course he went ahead to build the app and then started his tour from one zoo to the other to collect pictures and videos of the zoos and at the long run, he made a deal with the zoo owners to allow people book their ticket right on the App where he will earn commission for every booking.

6. Using the web to randomly get Ideas:

Another great way to generate Ideas is to surf the web randomly and study certain websites you land on, StumbleUpon and Google's I' am Feeling lucky could be a great tool to achieve this. When you arrive on this websites, try to read their about us and get to understand what they do and how they work.

7. Using Idea curation and crowd-sourcing websites like Ideawatch

, there are lots of websites out there that people gather together to write about their Ideas, looking for like-minded people to come together for them to execute the Idea or just for the fun of doing it.

I have been able to gather so many Ideas, so now What next? 5 Ways to vet your Idea's viability.

You have to vet your Ideas to see if the Idea is viable, sustainable, achievable and above all if you have what it takes to make it a reality, the Finance, the Passion, the skills, the Human resources, and the experience. NOTE: you don't really need everything I have mentioned above, for instance Experience can only be gotten when you start, but getting people who already have the experience would be great. So let's do a little checklist of the things you can do to vet your Ideas.

1. Sift and Filter your Ideas:

Try plotting a graph and a map around the idea, how it will work, what areas it will be applicable to, the demographics and Market targets that it will be applicable to and the market size of the problem it is solving, as a matter of fact, knowing all these will give you a clue as to what amount of resources you will need to execute the idea.

2. Digest and meditate through it for a while:

Do you know that keeping ideas and pondering on it for a while can open your minds to possible flaws that the Ideas might have? Don't just get an Idea, jump into it and start developing it, ponder on it for a while and make sure your mind has been able to go through it thoroughly and still sees the viability before you move onto the next step of action.

3. Conduct a feasibility study on your Idea by sharing:

At this point you have all reasons to believe that your Idea is truly a problem solver and you are confident on implementing it, but wait a bit, not yet, you have to hear from the horse's mouth. Take this idea to a number of people, depending on the number of persons you can reach out to, 10, 20, 50, 100, ask them diplomatically if they would have loved to use this solution (That is your Idea), if it was to be a product or Service, then record down their answers and be aiming for 70 - 90% positive response rate. Some people might even help you in refining the Idea, by saying, well I would have loved it BUT I would have preferred it more if it has XYZ amount of this or that.

4. Check for possible Competitors and Market Saturation:

Another thing that might make your Ideas non-viable is when such Business have been saturated by so many people. Like in every corner you see people doing it and maybe you aren't creative enough to do it differently, it would pay you more to move on to something else than hanging unto it.

5. Conduct a Market and Pricing feasibility study:

A lot of people might easily understand that you want to know if they should buy a product of an Idea that you have in mind to build and they can easily say Yes, just to make you feel encourage but this part will vet the Idea further more. Meet people once again and ask them how much they would be willing to pay for such product, if it was available, if possible and if you are so sure of what you are doing, go ahead and ask them to pay a lower amount of Money ahead so they can be among the first time users of the Product or Service, at this point you will have more in-depth clarity on your Idea and might even have paid customers already.

But why is today the best time to start an Online Business, Am I not too late to start today? Reasons why Today is the BEST day ever to start an Online Business

You see I made such mistakes several years ago when I was about starting an online Business in 2014, I felt it was too late as the Internet Business I intended doing has already gone saturated and so many problems are already solved, as a matter of fact, I felt that there where so many contents already on the Internet that I couldn't afford to write anymore as there would be nothing to write about, fast forward to 2016, someone else started that same Business I considered doing and succeeded way more better than I even thought of and I was sought of confused, I said BUT is this not the thing I felt will not work few years ago and now someone else is making a fortune off it. At this point it wasn't still yet dawn on me as I was still procrastinating and giving excuses for not getting started, fast forward to 2018, I started something and boom, I made some progress in it and I decided to research why it's all working now and I saw 6 reasons why the best time to start an online Business is today.

1. There are Millions of People embracing the Internet life style every Minute, Hour, Day and Month:

So according to research and statistical data available on we are Social, Millions of users are accessing the Internet for the first time in their lives which indicates that the number of your Market target is increasing every day, which creates an opportunity for new customers, shoppers, book buyers, blog readers, and even premium content subscribers, because they are new, they aren't as advanced and informed like others that have been around for a while, so even the most basic of your content will amaze them and make them see you as an authority. Apart from these, there are Billions of people who don't still yet have access to the Internet and are potential opportunities for you and me.

World Internet Users Pass the 4 Billion Mark in 2018

2. People are always making Buying decisions, Movie recommendations and Signup decision through Contents, Reviews and blog post like this one:

People are constantly and will always need contents like yours and mine to make buying and consumption decisions. Most people go to Google to search for your product + the keyword "reviews" (Direct Cellars Reviews) for instance, in which Google will pull out lots of reviews made by people about the Company, if it's worth it or not, some people go as far as searching for keywords like (Is Direct Cellars a Scam?) and articles written with such title and content will be presented to them, all this is so that they will not end up making the wrong buying decision or join a fake/scam program and lose their precious time and their hard earned Money. So in as much as new companies, Startups, Businesses, Products and Services are being introduced into the Market, there will always be something to write about and people to consume them.

3. It is much more cheaper and easier to do an Online Business now than it was few years ago:

Severally years ago it was damn expensive and required a whole lot of time to do certain things required to start and run your online Business, there wasn't tools that could easily help you setup stunning websites with just few clicks like WordPress, Wix and Blogger like we have today. Website Themes where quite more expensive before compared to what it is today. From list building to re-targeting and all you need is out there from free access to as low as $1.

4. Online Businesses has given wealth to Millions of people if not Billions due to the flexible and open nature of it's Business Model and terrain in terms of Licencing, Permits and Tax:

 You can start an online Business today with as low as $100 and in a couple of years time from now be earning within $1,000 - $10,000 revenue each fiscal year without any restriction, politics or unnecessary interference like it is in the Traditional offline business terrain where you have to get licenses and permits before making a sale.

There have been a whole lot of success stories and more are still emerging, From WhatsApp breaking the barriers of Traditional Telecommunication without getting Licenses or permit from any Telecommunication regulatory bodies but connected billions of people across the world to communicate without paying a dime directly.

WhatsApp breaking the barriers of Traditional Telecommunication

Uber did the same with the Traditional Transportation Industry by converting peoples cars to their Taxi without paying any License or permit fee to any Transportation Agency or Government arms in charge of Transportation, that's what Technology can do. They did it the Technology way and before the Government could decide if they are to get permit or taxed, they are already far gone.

Uber did the same with the Traditional Transportation Industry by converting peoples cars to their Taxi without paying any License or permit fee

5. It is easier, cheaper and accessible to learn and acquire any Skill you want:

Gone are the days when acquiring a Skill will require you to travel long distance to learn from Masters and Gurus, with the emergence of distance learning and online Tutoring sites like Coursera, Udemy, Sophia, Lynda, and Skillcrush, you are not alone and have thousands of comprehensive courses at your disposal to choose from with a fraction of what it used to be several years ago, Imagine me buying an in-depth and comprehensive course on Marketing on Udemy for just $10, dear reader, it has never been easier to start an online Business than it is today, so do not hesitate to start one now, you will ever live to appreciate you for what you did.

6. You are not going to run out of options on what to do because the Internet has a Business niche for everyone,

be it in the Oil & Gas sector, the Fashion niche, the Accountancy niche, the Education sector, the Professional and Artisan niche, you can keep naming them and I will still have a direction to point you to, where you would have a problem to solve and turn it into a Business. Be it a blog you want to start writing about the things you know, a website that you teach people what you know, a graphics design service, or maybe a physical store that you intend to start taking orders online, there are unlimited options to explore as long as starting an online Business is concerned.

7. People spend online more confidently than it used to be few years ago:

Much more reason why you should start today is that there are certain Businesses in third world countries who started an online Business few years ago and failed due to the fact that the volume of people spending online with their Credit cards where low and that hindered their success and today that has changed as many people even in many third world Countries are now open and safe when spending online because they are now well informed and knows how to decipher between known and trusted brands and Scams.

Take a break and conduct some Self Assessments

At this point, you have to take a break and conduct a self assessment of your person, to be able to make the right decision and know where you are heading to,

one of the biggest calamity a man could fall into is doing things blindly without taking out the time to access his or her self, asking questions like,

what do I want in Life?

What am I good at?

What is my current worth?

What Skills or Talent do I possess?

Module 1: Decision 1:

High Income Paying Skills

PHASE 1: What are High Income Skills

PHASE 2: How do I acquire this Skills

PHASE 3: Can my High Income Skills still be my Sustainable Business

PHASE 4: When should I transit into a Sustainable and Scalable Business 

PHASE 5: Is it Necessary to do Business

Module 2: Decision 2:

Sustainable and Scalable Business

PHASE 1: Business Idea, Niche and Industry Insight

PHASE 2: Skills Acquisition and Training

PHASE 3: Costing and Financial Implications

PHASE 4: Pitching and Business Plan

PHASE 5: Fund Raising, Crowdfunding and Investment

PHASE 6: Development, Debugging and Testing

PHASE 7: Operations and Maintenance 

PHASE 8: Launching, Marketing and Promotion

PHASE 9: Revenue, Profits and ROI (Return on Investment)

PHASE 10: Investment, Re-Investment, Series A or Exit

Module 3: Decision 3:

High Returns Investment Portfolios

PHASE 1: What are High Return Investments

PHASE 2: When Should I consider Investing on Profitable Investments

PHASE 3: What is the Value of Investing

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