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How to send Gift with these most widely used Gifting Apps on Google Play and iTunes store (19 gifting apps to choose from)

How to send Gift

How to send Gift with these most widely used Gifting Apps on Google Play and iTunes store (19 gifting apps to choose from)

Gifting has been a part of mankind even from the beginning of time itself, For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, this has not changed ever since, people give for several reasons and seasons, Christmas Holiday, Valentine and Birthday has been one of the biggest time when people give BUT truth be told, mediums and channels of giving has changed through decades and Centuries of advancement and Civilization and of recent people give easily through their Smartphones using one App or the other.

Today I will make a list of 19 iOS and Android Apps that you can use to send Gift to your Friends, family and loved ones across the globe but before then, what are the reasons and seasons to give?

14 Reasons and Seasons to Give and be Gifted for, so many reasons to give.

1. Birthday:

According to Wikipedia, "a Birthday is said to be the anniversary of the birth of a Person or an Institution". Birthdays have been one of the most happiest Moments of so many people's life because it reminds them of the day they started this journey called Life and how far they have gone in it, irrespective of the daring challenges they have encountered, for some, it is a moment of reflection of how tough they are by winning all the way. There have been moments when people break down in tears of Joy on this day most especially if someone so special to them gives them a special and unmatched Gift present, like a Car, an expensive Jewelries or a House. Do you want to be that Special person in someone's life? Then get the Yaioa Gift App and record that moment for the world to be a part of it.

2. Wedding:

This day has always been duped "Women most precious and anticipated day ever", as a matter of fact, this day is not always really about the Groom but the Bride because she is the one that the groom will be causing all the Commotions for, she is the reason for the season and the main focal point of the day, the Groom might come in as an ordinary person in wait for his Bride but when the bride comes, she appears in a magical way as a VIP, a Celebrity and a Public figure. This day. According to Wikipedia, Wedding is said to be a day of Ceremony where two people are United in Marriage but for some, it is the day they say I do forever, the day they take a Life partner with whom they would spend the rest of their Life with. Making this decision is always one of the greatest decisions that everyone is waiting to make.

3. Wedding Anniversary:

After a year or more of wedding, people tend to celebrate the day they wedded, just like marking their Birthday. It has been a norm among folks this days to hold to high esteem their Wedding Anniversaries, using it as an opportunity to remind themselves of the vow they made on that faithful day and to renew their commitment to each other through the art of giving beautiful gifts of Flowers, Cakes, new rings, cards and Undies. Some family members and relatives tend to mark this with celebrants by sending gift items to these couples.

4. Mother's Day:

Everyone loves their mum and why won't you too, we love our mum not because she has been too perfect but because they are our Super Heroes, they where our first teachers, doctor, nurse and Mentors, they taught us how to live, survive and endure, they taught us how to love, care and show appreciation to others, they taught us how to be our brothers keeper and at the same time be happy. Due to this reason, a day was kept aside to celebrate this wonderful mothers, motherhood and the in impact they have created in our Life.

6. Father's Day:

The head of the Family as it is referred to as in some Nations, the providers and the protectors of the Family, fathers have been a wonderful and great part of our lives, they have stood with our mothers to mold us and teach us how to work out of harms way, how to protect our sisters from harms way too and how to be a caring father one day. Since the middle ages, father's day has been honored time without numbers, it is a time to honor fatherhood and their impact in our society. father's day has been observed in well over 40 countries in the world with different dates.

7. Valentines Day:

What a beautiful day to behold to some and a controversial day to some. A lot of people celebrating Valentines day do not know how it started, where it derived it name from and why they should celebrate it, all they know is that it is a day to celebrate Love. Valentines day is also called saint Valentines day or the feast of saints and is being celebrated annually on February 14.

8. Children's Day:

Children are one of the most beautiful and wonderful people in our lives and the is no reason for us not to celebrate this wonderful and beautiful stage of our life. Observed in several countries with varying dates, the Children's day is a day recognized to celebrate children

9. Graduation Day:

Graduation can sometimes be linked to other areas of life but it is mostly linked to Education, it is the day which people get their diploma or academic degree or the celebration that is associated with it, this turns students who have been schooling for years to graduates, which denotes they have gone through a particular studies to proof themselves proficient enough to embrace the job market/ Business world. A lot of people cherish this day and are always celebrated by their Friends and relatives.

10. Charity:

Charity has been a kind and passionate gesture towards people who are in need, there are wealthy men like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zukerberg who have been greatly involved in charity activities to carter and care for the need. Some people uses their Birthday and other memorable seasons in their life to show gestures of charity to any charity organization in their are.

11. Halloween:

Halloween also known or referred to as Allhalloween which means All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve is a celebration observed is several countries around the World on 31 of October signifying the first day of Allhallowtide. Halloween customs and attires used during these period are always scary and displays several types of scary and horror images.

12. Easter:

Uncommonly known as the Resurrection Sunday or Pascha, Easter is a festive and Holiday season linked to the Christian Religion signifying the death and Resurrection of Christ Jesus, on this day people attend church service, have a family meals, decorations and gift giving above all because the reason for the season was because someone gave. Easter is always celebrated on April and the next Easter is coming next year.

13. Thanksgiving:

It should be a norm everywhere in the World but for this reason and season, it has only gotten prominence and relevance in the United States, Canada, most Caribbean Islands and Liberia. It is a National Holiday in reference to the Blessing of the Harvest and the past years.

14. Memorial Day:

There no reason why we shouldn't have a day to mark the remembrance of our heroes past, the very men and women who staked their life to serve and protect our Nation. Memorial day is a very significant Federal Holiday in the United States for remembering the great men and women who died in the armed force serving the nation. Memorial day is always celebrated every annually on the month of May

Gift App on the Play and iTunes store to send memorable gifts to loved ones: 19 Gifts App and counting...

1. Yaioa Gift:

Yaioa Gift is a smart global Gifting platform that allows you to send Gift to your Friends, Family and loved ones across the Globe irrespective of their location with instant SMS alert and push Notification. Gift Receivers or Celebrants can decide to pickup Gift Items at designated location or receive the Cash Equivalent.
iOS App: Available soon...
Website: Visit Yaioa Gift Official Website

2. Gift Jeenie:

 Gift Jeenie is said to be a Social gifting App that provides its users the best gifting solution to mark birthdays, holidays, special milestones and anniversaries. On Gift Jeenie you can grant wish lists, claim gifts or add trending Gift items to your account profile.
Website: Gift Jeenie Official Website

3. Artifact Uprising:

This Gifting App allows you to select an image from your Instagram Feed or your Camera Roll and then select a print style you love like a Photo frame, w woodblock or a softcover photo book and the Quality prints and designs will be delivered to your Doorstep by Artifact uprising.
Android App: Not Available (Only iOS)
Website: Artifact Uprising Official Website

4. BloomThat:

Through the BloomThat app you can get same day or next day Flower delivery to your doorstep for people living in New York City, San Francisico, Los Angeles, etc.
Android App: Not Available (Only iOS)
Website: BloomThat Official Website

5. Gyft:

Gyft tend to be an online gift card App for popular retailers like Starbucks, iTunes and Amazon, you can also use the Gyft App to check balance of your Gift card. I think they are solving quite a big problem here and its great. In a nutshell, the app lets you buy and manage your Gift cards like redeeming your plastic gift cards.
iOS App: You can Download the Gyft iOS App here
Website: Gyft App Official Website

6. Minibar:

Minibar Delivery App allows you to gift Beer, liquor and Wine to anyone in almost 40 States in the United States. With the Minibar App you can get delivery of Spirits and alcohol within an hour. So be ready to use the minibar app for your next event or reunion party.
iOS App: You can Download the Minibar iOS App here
Website: Minibar Delivery Official Website

7. Soothe:

In as little as an hour you can get a massage at the comfort of your home with the soothe massage App.
iOS App: You can Download the Soothe Massage iOS App here
Website: Soothe Massage Official Website

8. Giftagram:

The App that allows you send Curated thoughtful gift to your loved ones in the United States and Canada.
Website: Giftagram Official Website

9. Gift n You:

Allows you to send gives to people in your Life
iOS App: 
Website: Gift N you Official Website

10. My Flowers: 

Android App:
iOS App:

11. Flowers Cakes Online:

Android App:

12. Tohcan:

Swap Gift Cards
Android App:
iOS App:

13. Tiny Surprise:

Android App:

14. Surprise Me:

Android App:
iOS App:

15. Winni:

Android App:

16. Bloom & Wild:

Flower Delivery Re-Imagined. I love the concept and approach taken by Bloom & Wild on delivering fresh Flowers cut and packed in a nice Box and delivered not only to your Door but through your Door.
Website: Bloom & Wild Official Website

17. Gift on the Go:

Android App:
iOS App:

18. Ferns N Petals:

Android App:
iOS App:

19. eGiftify: 


20. Gift N Greet:

Android App: You can Download the Android App here
iOS: You can Download the iOS App here: (Not Available)
Webiste: Gift N Greet Official Website

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