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How to Promote Your Network Marketing Business With proof and Real Life Example: Ideas, Tips And Strategy

How to Promote Your Network Marketing Business With proof and Real Life Example: Ideas, Tips And Strategy

How to Promote Your Network Marketing Business With proof and Real Life Example Ideas, Tips And Strategy
Have you ever had a friend, family member or neighbor trying to sell you into a program that in some way will give you financial Freedom, or a program that promises to pay you daily, weekly or Monthly, or has it been a time that your colleague at work approached you to talk about a program that you have to join as a member and after joining, you have to go on to recruit others to join too in other to stand a chance to reap the promises of the program, at times with specific numbers of users you ought to bring in and the value you would get, or maybe a program that says the more people you have in your down-line, the more chances you stand to earn more? If your answer is yes to one or all of these, then you are in the right place and before I proceed I will be candid enough to say DO NOT agree to join yet until you are done reading this article so that you won't make a terrible mistake that would cost you your precious time and Money.

What is the difference between Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing (MLM): Are they the same thing and how can I differentiate between Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

What is the difference between Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing (MLM): Are they the same thing and how can I differentiate between Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

In retrospect to programs like this above, if you answered yes to one of those questions above, it means that you have been approached by an Individual who is either into Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing and before you join, it would be very helpful and would save you the time if you can differentiate between the two so you can easily decipher what is being marketed to you and if you should actually key in or not.

NOTE: There is no Substitute for Hard work 

These two Marketing mediums looks pretty much the same way, you have to be knowledgeable or be willing to do some research and digging deep to be able to unveil the true model of the program being marketed to you, you have to ask lots of questions too in other to use the answers to compare with the definition and modus operandi of Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing.

1. Network Marketing:

  As the name implies, it is all about a Marketing system where a network of people (Distributors) are deployed to Market a product to earn commission for their efforts rather than spending Money on direct Advertisement which will cost more money and might not guarantee result for the Company at the end of the day. Example of some companies who deploys Network Marketing are Mary Kay, Excel and Avon.

How Network Marketing works with an Illustrated example: When you refer a member to join, you can make only a one-time fee of the Money he paid to join as a member, after that you can only earn form your Sales and subsequent users that you will refer to the program, Example;

If you referred Anabel - You earn a one-time commission for referring Anabel
Anabel referred Brown - Anabel earns a one-time commission for referring Brown

And it stops there, you can only keep earning if you keep referring new Members and from the sales of Products in the Program that you initiate.

2. Multi Level Marketing:

 You might think that Multi Level Marketing is a very different type of Marketing altogether from Network Marketing, but the truth is that what differentiates them is the level of Down-line and up-line and the multi-tier reward and payment model present in the program, which means it has a pyramid or hierarchical structure that allows the first person who join to be able to recruit more people under his or her distributor network and earn in multiple ways, from his efforts and the efforts of his network of distributors, as a matter of fact, I see Multi Level Marketing  to be a branch of Network marketing rather than a different marketing technique entirely, because In network marketing you signup and then make Money for your Sales and referral one-off, but in Multi Level Marketing, you signup and make Money from your Sales and referral and also earn for the sales and referral of those under your down-line, some times deep down to 5 levels, example;

Lets say you brought Adams to the program 
and Adams brought Ballard    - Level 1     - You earn from his Sales
and Ballard brought Collins    - Level 2     -  You earn from his Sales
and Collins brought Douglas   - Level 3    - You earn from his Sales
and Douglas brought Ella       - Level 4     - You earn from his Sales
and Ella brought Fredrick      -  Level 5     - You earn from his Sales

Not only will you earn from their referrals sales alone, you will earn from the Sales and referral of the people that Adams keeps bringing, which means you can become so wealthy overnight through the efforts of others, this model makes Multi Level Marketing so controversial and non-reputable in some Countries, as a matter of fact some nations do not accept it as a legal Business model. With that being said, this does not make MLM altogether bad, because some people are making it big time, just read on to acquire the knowledge you need to decide on the right path to take.

An Example of a Network / Multi Level Marketing Program and how I made $500+ from it within 2 Months

I have done something like this before and it was great because it paid me more than $500 within two Months though in the Wine Niche, I think they are all Network Marketing Schemes, just check if they have a multi-tier model or a single-tier. The thing is that Network Marketing works not really for everyone but for people who understands it and knows the right ways and approach to promote their product, like Direct Cellar's Austin Zulauf once said

"Network Marketing is like Electricity, even if you don't understand how it works, It works".

There are a lot of people out there who have tried Network Marketing and it didn't work out for them and there are so many reasons why it didn't work for them and one of the biggest of such reason is joining a network Marketing scheme that you have less knowledge about or have no passion for the product. let me list out a few reasons why Network Marketing might not work for you,;

1. Not having a Proper understanding of the Niche/Industry

2. Not having a good understanding of the Product in question

3. Not having passion for the niche or Industry

4. Not knowing the right ways to promote and market the product:

(Google Ads Marketing might not work for that Business and that's the reason why there are so many Marketing mediums to choose from).

Why you should choose a Network Marketing program that revolves around your Business or Career niche

I know of a lady who was a Make-up artiste, she had so much passion and knowledge for this niche and I saw her grow this Service from zero to something and she practically earned a living from it, at times she was called upon from one home to the other for home service, where she drives down to do make-up for her clients and was paid at the end of the day, she got to the point that she used the Money she had made from rendering Make-up services to her client to open a Make-up shop where she began to sell Makeup kits, powders, foundations and all the make-up accessories and its related equipment.
At a point she needed a second source of Income and a friend of hers who was into this GNLD Network Marketing program introduced her to the program, convincing here to join, she was convinced and paid the stipulated $150, she was given a Welcome Kits and some drugs to start with and that was the end of the story, she kept the drugs at home till it got expired and anytime someone tells here about such programs, she gets angry and narrate her story to you.

So let's look at it from this angle, what if this Network Marketing program that was introduced to her was in her Make-up niche, with the knowledge she had in that Industry, the passion and zeal, do you think that she would have still failed? I don't think so, I believe she would have done well in it, as a matter of fact that would have boosted her current Business and increase her bottom-line, she would have rocked and soared higher, because she would have been bold enough to walk up to anyone and talk courageously like a professional, convincing them to buy in, she would have known the right people to meet and the right places to go to but in drugs, she doesn't even know where to start from or who to meet nor what strategy to deploy.

How I made made $500+ within 2 Months from Direct Cellars Wine Tasting Club Network Marketing Program and the Strategies I deployed to earn $500 bucks.

How to Promote Your Network Marketing Business With proof and Real Life Example Ideas, Tips And Strategy

 The one I did is Called Direct Cellars​, It is a Wine Club that pays you for Referring Wine Lovers to join the Club and besides that, it pays you for every wine that your Customer purchases. I also did an article that tells you more about Direct Cellars and how you can start earning from it amongst other websites you can earn from, Websites you can earn from: What are the best Websites online that you can make money from​ 

Direct Cellars works pretty the same way all other Network Marketing Schemes work but what makes it different is that its main Products is Wine and majority of people in America loves wine, In any kind of Events and gathering, they would use wines of all types to entertain their guest, from Wedding, Birthday, get together parties, Reunion, Seminars, Clubs, Parties, Night Clubs, Lounge, etc, you can keep naming them, so that makes it easier for people to join the Program.

I told my mum about the Product and though she wasn't really a wine person like that but she just decided to join the program to support me and believe you me after she joined and her first 4 Bottles of different wines where shipped to her, she has been ordering for more and have become a Wine lover more than myself, she tells me how each wine tastes better than the other and how the Alcoholic level in one wine is lower than that in another wine, because they won't bring the same type of wine all the time but rather different tastes and brands each month.

Direct Cellars is easy and straightforward in as much as you understand how to promote and convince people to join the program, you will be making money in autopilot, I started it in March of this year and between that time and now I have made like $500+ by just referring a couple of people to join and some to buy the wines. The Direct Cellars Wine Club has two groups of Plan;

The Representatives:

This is the highest level, when you join as a Representative, it means you will be paid for everyone you refer to join the Club and would also get commissions for every Customer that joins the club as Customer just for the sole purpose of buying Wines as long as they joined through you, any time they reorder for their wine, you will be credited your Commission in your Vault.

The Customers:

This is the other level that allows you to join the Club just for the sake of getting different kinds of wines shipped to your Doorstep every Month, as a Customer you won't have the capacity to refer people and make Money, you are just a Club floor member who gets a taste of Great wines Monthly and for all the wine orders you make, your up-line, that is the person who referred you will be credited his commission.

Currently Direct Cellars Wine Club is only available and is used by citizens of the USA, the UK, Germany and Australia, I also learnt that they will be in Canada this month and would spread to 4 more other countries before the year runs out. I am even a kid earner on Direct Cellars, I know of Grand Masters who earn nothing less than $20,000 per Month and when I conducted a research on their Background, I realized that I have no reason to compete with them at this point because they are huge, imagine one of them Nina Moorer having 40,000+ Instagram Followers and thousands of YouTube Subscribers and Austin Zulauf having same magnitude of followers too on YouTube and on other social Media platforms.

Direct Cellars Nina Moorer on Instagram with 40,000+ Followers

How I made made $500+ within 2 Months from Direct Cellars Wine Tasting Club Network Marketing Program and the Strategies I deployed to earn $500 bucks.

Direct Cellars Austin Zulauf on Youtube with 3,000+ Subscribers and 47,000 Video Views

How to promote and Market your Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing Business and how not to.

Like I made mentioned earlier, Marketing is not a fit it all approach, for every business there is a unique approach to marketing and you must first consider an investment of time to research on this before going further, try to understand what Marketing techniques and channels will work for that Business before spending a dime on Marketing. Below I have made a list of  5 possible ways you could promote your Network Marketing Business.

1. Word of Mouth with friends and Family:

This is where it should all begin, they say "charity begins at home", even if you don't believe in this word before now, try to believe it in this case because you will need it. After you might have successfully signed up for the program, begin your first campaign by gathering all your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbor, loved ones and even your Enemies phone contacts, write a beautiful message that explains the program in a simple short sentence and the benefits of joining, at the end tell them to also support by joining even if they might be busy with other stuffs and won't be chanced to join and run the program themselves, send it to them as a WhatsApp broadcast. They are your best bet and leverage, they will easily yield in than any other persons. I rank this the number one way of Promoting Products like this because they are faster to produce results than Article Marketing. I earned my first $500 from Direct Cellars through Family and friends only.

2. Social Media, Facebook and Instagram especially:

  The next place you can catch up with friends and family is on Facebook, so you can create a post on your timeline just like you did on the WhatsApp Broadcast and so many of your Friends will see it and react.

3. Facebook Group Marketing:

This one has worked for me many times and all you need is just to search for Business and Make Money groups of Facebook and then create a post that says "If you want to know how I made $500 in two Months time, comment info or click this link to join my WhatsApp group where I will coach you on how I did it with screenshots and proof" I did it for Motor Club of America and what I wrote was "If you want to know how to make up to $100 bucks a day and get your Car fixed by the Motor Club of America, comment info and I will send full details to you" lot of people will comment, you can then use the opportunity to teach and convince them to join.

4. Articles in Review Formats:

Your Article title should be something like (IS MCA a SCAM or a real Company that pays) Google tend to favor and rank contents like this higher because when people hear of programs like this, they want to check on Google if the Company is real and their search terms will be something like (Is MCA a SCAM?). Write a decent and well informed article and then link back to where they can join the program.

5. YouTube Video that talks about how it works:

 Some network Marketing Companies offers marketing materials like Videos, Banners and Testimonials of past success stories, these you will need at this point to upload to your YouTube channel and a link in the Description of the Video to the Signup page on your Website​ or the Company's website.

Ways you shouldn't consider to use in promoting your Network Marketing Business

Some people might be tempted to use Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and the likes to do their Network Marketing promotion, It isn't totally bad if you have the Money, it would be nice to use these as a compliment much later on after you have made some Money using the other mediums and have been able to measure the response rate and have a better understanding of the Program.

If you have other mediums, kindly share them in the comment area, with time as I explore other channels and test them, I will continue to update this Article.

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