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100 Best App Ideas for Startup: list of 100 free App Ideas you can turn into a viable Business (Detailed list)

100 Best App Ideas for Startup: list of 100 free App Ideas you can turn into a viable Business (Detailed list)

The App Market has been booming and expanding every day and has made thousands if not millions of people Millionaires apart from the impact it has made on the lives of end users, there have been a high growth in the number of app downloads and the revenues earned per app Developer and off recent, Apple just announced that from the earnings of App developers on the iTunes store, that they have paid out a Whooping $70 Billion between the time the App Store was launched till now 2008 - 2018.

the search for Mobile App has increased so immensely
In the past years, the search for Mobile App has increased so immensely and it doesn't show any sign of slowing down any moment from now.

Today Apps have become a very crucial part of so many peoples life after a decade of the Apple and Google Play store. The App Market has been booming and expanding every day and has made thousands if not millions of people Millionaires apart from the impact it has made on the lives of end users, there have been a high growth in the number of app downloads and the revenues earned per app. Today Apps have become a very crucial part of so many peoples life after a decade of the Apple and Google Play store.

For you to build your next big App, be it an Android or an iOS App, you will need an Idea and most importantly a lucrative and viable one, I realized that I have been opportune to have access to quite some nice ideas that you could use to jump-start your Startup. I would encourage you to start something today, it might not cost that much or might not require that much to get started, just be bold and courageous enough to start something today.

The App market size is staggering at an estimated $80+ Billions USD and is growing daily, as a matter of fact, Apple announced that they have paid out more than 70 Billion Dollars to its developers since 2008. The Asia-Pacific as at 2016 already accounted for 56% of the global App revenue which is around $25.7 Billion.

Apple App store is growing

Why should you start and launch your own App Business today?

The first question am going to ask you is if you own a smartphone?
The odds are you do have even more than one, sometimes an iPhone and an Android phone as a backup phone. It doesn't just end with having it, we place more priority and relevance to it while spending more time fiddling and using it on the day to day running of our lives and Business, and beyond that we are always waiting for it to beep, then we move with speed to pay attention to it

But why would you do such a thing? Why would you place so much importance on a gadget like that?


Because by doing so, you are indirectly placing prominence and relevance to your ;

Business: Slack, Github, Trello, Asana, 

Communication: WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Imo

Social Life: Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter 

Professional Network: LinkedIn, Founders2Be, FoundersLab,

Shopping: Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Tmall, Konga, Jumia

Mail: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Live Mail, Godaddy Work Space, Web Mail

Hosting: Hostgator, WhoGoHost, Siteground, Godaddy

Storage: DropBox, Box, Amazon Cloud Storage, Google Drive

Home Management: Alexa echo, Smart Bulb, Smart Doors

Movies: Netflix, iFlix, Iroko TV

Finance: Bank of America Mobile Banking App, M&T Mobile Banking App, PayPal, GustoQuickBooks, Freshbooks, Wave, Addappt, Fuze, Pushover

The Global App Market hitting $86 Billion

And according to statistics, there are about 3.2 Billion people just like you who leverage on Smartphones like yours to manage and live their lives smoothly, that's about an estimated 30% of the world population or one third of the whole human Population across the globe.

Now most of these people tend to spend on these devices paying for premium contents, subscriptions, paid mails, movies, hosting and any other thing you can think of

And guess what?

Most of the things they do on their smartphones occurs on Apps they download from Google Play and iTunes Store,

A research shows that Internet penetration on Mobile devices have been increasingly rapid over the years, being that people can carry their pocket sized smart phones with them on the go, they tend to access their internet to surf, watch movie, share files and socialize through their mobile phones as compared to their Personal Computer (PC).

So the next big question is, how do you tap into this Revenue and potential?

Developing and launching your own Mobile App on the play or iTunes store

You can Download the Kim Kardashian's Hollywood App from the play store

Kim Kardashian's Hollywood App

The Kim Kardashian's Hollywood App on the play store has been downloaded over 10 Million times (10,000,000+) as at the time of my writing...

 And more than 20 Million times (20,000,000+) on other platforms. This app allows you to create your own Celebrity character and rise to firm and fortune grooming and deciding its fate.

It allows you live the life of a Celebrity on the App with Kim's personal picks, going for events, meeting new people and striking deals, dating and dumping Celebrities and ruling the Red Carpet as an A-List movie actor, cover model, fashion designer and more...

This App deploys the In-App purchase revenue Model that allows you to pay a token amount of money from your Google Account whenever you want to upgrade or unlock a certain feature like new character

Google Admob is another source of Revenue for the App, with different Ads displaying and showing up while using the App, there are sure to generate millions of page Impressions

In the first 90 days after this App was released, the App generated an estimated $43.3 Million US Dollars

This does not really mean that your own App startup will be exactly like this, No, it might not since you aren't a Celebrity now a popular name...

But you sure will make your own kind of wave in your own unique way if only you could dare to start something

And guess what?

If your App can have even 1 - 5% success rate of what the Hollywood App has, you are going to be on your way to firm or financial freedom...

Kim Kardashian's Hollywood App

At times you might be thinking that the cost of Building an App will be so huge...

Hey man, this is not Fear Factor, don't be afraid, make a move and put down your Documentation, draft a napkin with the features and details of the App, how it will work and function from screen to screen

Hand it over to a decent and considerable Developer and ask him how much it will cost to develop such, you don't really need to be Developer yourself to start something...

I can assure you that building your own App is that simple and easy as I will show you today how to do just that with a list of 100 App Ideas to choose from and begin your journey...

List of 10 Business App Ideas to start today (Innovative and Outstanding App Ideas)

Being an Entrepreneur or deciding to become an Entrepreneur is one of the sexiest decisions and life path to choose today because majority of the world's richest and Money Moguls got there through Entrepreneurship, so starting a Business is a hot niche and is ever growing because every day people start one business or the other.

1. Start a Business AI App (Artificial Intelligence Business Startup App) - SabAI

Start a Business AI App

SabAI is an Artificial Intelligence Business Startup App that allows every aspiring Entrepreneurs to start, run and grow their Business with ease. This app will decrease the rate of Startup failures and will produce proven and prepared Entrepreneurs. Download the Complete SabAI Business Idea here that contains the Business Plan everything you need to execute this plan with Finance template and lots more but before then, read more about SabAI on the SabAI post page. NOTE: Everyone can read about it and use it just as it is free of charge but if anyone buys off everything with the original master-plan, the master-plan won't be available for sale anymore, but the summary will still be available.

2. Attempt Exam App: Examination preparation and study App with Past Q&A Study Materials for every School there is on Planet Earth

Attempt Exam App

An App that allows students of the same discipline to come together and study using a Quiz-like pattern to test their skills with discussion boards and past questions to prepare for their Tests and Examinations.

3. Homeland Security App: A Security App for each City with detailed Security measures and tips and faces of wanted Criminals and Award for sources. 

This app will be a must for everyone living in a particular city or community, it notifies users of Security measures to adopt and stay secure online, offline and in dangerous places and also have a panic button to call the Police when there is any criminal
activities in your home or territory

4. Auto Washr: On-Demand Car wash anywhere, anytime for every car owner with yearly Membership subscription

This is a Car wash On Demand App that will allow every Car Owner to place a demand for his or her Car wash at any location, you can request for your Car to be washed at your Home and a washer will be dispatched to come and wash your car, there will be two plans, Outright pay as you go and a Monthly subscription paid yearly which will be discounted.

Auto Washr App

5. Image Shopper App: Shop any image you see online, meet anybody's picture you see and visit any location you see online with Image/Face recognition and Artificial Intelligence 

This app allows you to scan a picture of any image on the Internet and it will reveal how to buy, visit or meet the person in the image, if you scan a product, it will retrieve all the locations you can buy the item, if it is a location, it will tell you where it is and how you can visit that location, what about a human? It will connect you to the person's social profile or dating profile just so you can connect with him or her.

Image Shopper App

6. AI Chef App: Your Cooking Assistance who tells you what to cook, how to cook it and what to buy with respect to your health and fitness

This is an Artificial Intelligence App that tells you what to buy in the Grocery store or Open Market after you choose the Food you intend to cook. It will tell you what to buy, the quantity and accurate measures and also the numbers of calories that you will be consuming by eating that food.

AI Chef App

7. Smart Eatery App: Reserve your spot and preferred choice of food with your preferred check-in and check-out time.

This is an App that allows you to check all the eateries and Restaurants in your Area and then reserve a seat or more with a specific check-in and check-out time with the dishes you want. Before you arrive, your food is already ready and served with an extra 30 minutes for you to use the space in case someone else tries to reserve that space.

Smart Eatery App

8. Daily Navigator App: Your personal GPS navigator when Driving, Cycling or working

Daily Navigator App

This App will be a GPS enabled app that can take you to wherever you intend to go to, just key in your current location and desired destination and the App will tell you "Are we set to go to San Francisco bay area", once you say yes, it begins the Journey. It is very interactive and tells you where you are at every point on the Journey. You can trek with it, drive with it and also cycle with it.

8. My Flower App: Your Personal Gift App to Send beautiful Flowers to Family and loved ones 

My Flower App

This will be a Gift App but for Flowers only. This App will allow you to send Flowers to anyone, anytime. You can be the Flower owner or you can partner with Fresh Flower planters to make Delivery as Vendors on the Platform.

9. Go App: Your Customized personal Bookmarking and Favorite site Menu built with global support

Go App Idea

The Go App will be just like Google Go, it will have the favorite sites that people frequently visits in each Country placed in the Home Screen and when people click on it they are loaded to the site.

The App will be built in such a way that it recognizes your Country, if you are accessing it it from the United States, it shows you the common most visited sites per category, like Social Media sites, Dating sites, News sites, etc.

How to make money from the Go App (Monetization)

The App owner can make Money from Advert and Affiliate Commissions from Referrals, like putting link to Fiverr, Udemy and all other sites that offers affiliate Commissions, the App owner will generate Revenue from successful referrals to affiliated sites.

10. My Diet App: Your Keto companion for healthy living and Fitness lifestyle 

My Diet App

The Diet App tells you the kind of Food to eat per day to stay slim, Plumpy or fat, it tells you when to eat and when not to, It also point sources where you can get those stuff.

This post is a series of post, I will keep updating the thread as new Contents are written, please stay tuned and subscribe to be informed via mail once a new content is available...

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