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What Skills do you need to acquire to start making Money today, like right away

What Skills do you need to acquire to start making Money today, like right away

Do you know that you can start making Money today, like right away, this is more than a reality and not a get rich quick scheme because you do not need to spend a dime to start making money today, all you will need is to acquire one skill or the other depending on your area of specialization or interest and then put the skill you acquired to work.

The Business and Economic environment is constantly changing, so stay abreast and keep learning

Before we proceed to listing several Skills you can acquire to start earning today, let us get a better understanding of the constant changing Business and economic environment that we are in today. About 3 years ago, the Banks in some third world countries started adopting Digital Banking as the paper and manual Banking was about to take an eternal brake in favor of Digital Banking, while this was an exciting thing for the Bank users who would be happy to have a seamless Banking experience and an access to their Financial statements and account balance with just a click on their smartphone or basic phones, these was a terrible moment for so many of the Bank Staffs who couldn't adapt, who couldn't unlearn and relearn, who weren't flexible and stayed abreast of the changes in the Industry, I believe that before the rain started falling, there was actually some signs of it but to cut the story short, they all lost their Jobs in large numbers and where replaced with smart young minds who can handle the Computer and it's related Banking Software professionally.

Now that been said, some of these guys were learning and acquiring these Skills online through their phones and PC at the comfort of their home and when the wave of change came, it presented an opportunity for them,

    Always Remember that solving a Problem will always give you a reward in form of Money in most of the cases and that problems are opportunity/Money in disguise.

You don't really need to go to College to spend huge amount of Money to acquire this Skills, In some cases, you might not be able to acquire these skills in School, the vast wealth of knowledge and Skills available through the Internet can liberate you, increase your value and ultimately your net worth, some of them are totally Free while some will only cost you a few bucks like $5 to $10 USD and after that the next price you will have to pay is dedication and commitment to actually learn those skills, by committing your time to watch that Tutorials, read that Book or listen to that Podcast.
So depending on the complexity of the niche you have decided to venture into, you can start earning as soon as that same day.

The Art of Marketing your Skills and getting Traffic to your Sales page

When Acquiring that Graphics design skill, that Java Programming Skill, that 2D/3D Animation Skill, that writing skill, that WordPress Content management skill, that Photoshop skill, that Multi Level Marketing skill, that Investment Management skill, that Quality control skill, that Business Management skill, that wed designing skill, that Voice over skill, Never forget to acquire or neglect all sought of Marketing skills that you could possibly lay your hands on because your new found skill on graphics design will be as good as nothing or might not yield optimum output if you don't know how to market and promote your skills to prospects, you can start with Friends and Families to put the marketing skills to work and take it up from there to external clients and prospects and keep it in mind that; 

It is one thing to acquire a skill and it is another thing to be able to Monetize your skills.

There are a lot of people out there who knows how to design Graphics with Photoshop professionally, but they are going from one place to the other looking for Jobs and they haven't found any till now and they are damn broke but people with lesser proficiency in Photoshop than themselves are making a fortune off their skills on Fiverr netting an estimated $800 - $1,000 USD per month. so let's look at the skills you can start acquiring right away.

1. Graphic Design Skills, Learn Graphics Design and start earning with it

The demand for Graphics designing have ever been on the rise and I see no reason why it will slow down anytime soon as long as the web is concerned, graphics plays major roles in it's ecosystem from websites to apps and iOT's, graphics are used in one way or the other to pass across a message or to bring in beauty and colors that are appealing to the eyes to it's users and audience. you can start learning graphics design from Udemy, Lynda, Coursera or this Tutorial here

2. Website Development Skills, Learn Web design and start earning from it 

The web is big and it keeps getting bigger each day, new websites are been built all the time and you could be a part of this Billion Dollar Industry by just taking that extra commitment and time to learn what it takes to craft a simple web page and then learn a bit of Marketing then set a target to get your first client to pay you, then deliver and be ready to support your Client whenever he/she is in need of support because it is even more easier getting a client than to maintain in niches like this due to the nature of its needs for improvement, updates and upgrades.

After Sales Service is a key aspect of sustenance and Growth

If you overlook after sales service, it means that you will be sending your efforts down a slightly closed-hole Basket, with time your Clients will diminish and won't repay and I believe you wouldn't want that, you need the client to be happy and come back again, and guess what? they could become your Marketers when you treat them right, they will refer others and tell them of the good works you did, Recommendation is key.

3. 2D/3D Animation Skills, Learn 2D/3D Animation Skills and start earning from doing Explainer Videos and Commercials for people.

Today video consumption has been on the rise as more and more people are getting connected and a better Broadband access is now being distributed to people in locations that where relying on slow dial-up networks that will buffer a hundred times before you are done watching a single video. These have given room for people to resort to watching Videos even when learning as oppose to reading books. With your 2D skills you can start creating an explainer Video that will explain that Company's product in a short 5 minutes Video and present it to the Company, they will be glad to pay a few bucks for it. You can use platforms like Powtoons, Videoscribe and the likes.

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