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What is Yaioa Gift: Global Gifting App to Send Gift, Receive Gift on Birthday, Wedding, Valentine and Christmas

What is Yaioa Gift: Global Gifting App to Send Gift, Receive Gift on Birthday, Wedding, Valentine and Christmas - Gift App

Yaioa Gift is a smart global Gifting App that allows you to send Gift to your Friends, Family and loved ones across the Globe irrespective of their location with instant SMS/Email alert and push Notification. Gift Receivers or Celebrants can decide to pickup Gift Items at designated location or receive the Cash Equivalent.

Why is Gifting or Giving a good Act to emulate and indulge in?

Giving is a great act of love and gratitude in some instance and beyond this, giving can bring about some positive emotional feelings from both ends; from the Givers end and the Receiver's end, and at times the Giver could feel more sense of Fulfillment and happiness than the receiver as some people feel happy and excited when they are able to give and meet the needs of others, as a matter of fact some people tend to be more happy when their loved ones are actually happy and an attitude of giving makes them more happy and fulfilled. The feeling of giving is great and goes a long way to nourish the bonds between friends, Families and loved ones

What type of Gift should you give to your Male Best friend on his Birthday?

When we talk about giving to your Best Friend, I believe that so many people would know what their best Friend actually likes and what they have always desired to have and could not afford them. Their Birthday is one of the greatest time to fulfill that wish they have, to give them that gift of love and to show them that you care about them, their needs and their feelings. Guys would always have a different preference of gift from their girls counterpart and when you consider giving to your male best friend, it is also Important that you take note of the things they always talk about, the things they care for and the things they desire to get but do not let them know your plans for them on their Birthday because it would be fun when it comes as a surprise, Once it is their Birthday, use a Gift App like Yaioa Gift to send them this Gift. For Guys, give them a gift of smartphones, a gift of laptops, a gift of Books, a gift of wine, a gift of Gadgets basically. But in a case that you couldn't guess it right to give them the right gift, do not worry as they can easily swap their Gift for Cash on the yaioa gift app or a wallet credit.

What type of Gift should you give to your Female Best friend on her Birthday?

Girls are more concerned about Gifts than their male counterpart and you know quite well that giving to girls should be done cautiously because it can melt their heart and make them fall in love with you, that is if that is what you actually do not want. There are some case that you may want to retain someone as just a friend and nothing more but your act of giving begins to send out some signal that might not be interpreted correctly, so below I would list some kind of gift items to give to your Female Best friend and the ones you shouldn't give to her. As a male not considering dating or being into here, you should consider giving her a gift of a nice dress, a gift of a nice pair of shoes, a gift of sunglasses, a gift of cake on her birthday, a gift of a treat in a restaurant or preferably a gift card where she can use to shop at her ease.
What about a girl that you consider to date or the one you are already into, you wouldn't miss that beautiful red or pink rose flower, beautiful pink or red panties, beautiful bras, beautiful necklaces and gold chains and any type of Jewelries in general will make their heart melt away for you.

Some reasons and Seasons to give and be gifted for: Birthday, Wedding, Valentine, Christmas, Graduation, Wedding Anniversary, Award and lot more

Should you only consider giving to friends and loved ones on their Birthday? The answer is a capital NO, there are lots of reasons to give and be gifted for and this is not limited to Birthday alone but on your Friends Wedding day, you should send them a gift via the Yaioa Gift App, on their Wedding Anniversary day, you should send them a gift, on their day of graduation or for their graduation they deserve a gift from you, what about on valentine's day, shouldn't you send a gift to your loved ones? you should, even though it is a $5 gift, a ten dollar gift or a $20 gift, just give something on this special day to someone special and leave an everlasting feeling of love and care in their heart.

What type of gift should you give to a distance Friend, Family or Relative that you barely know?

It is easier to decide on what gift Item to give to your close Friends, family and loved ones, but what about distance friends, family and relatives or a new friend you just met barely few weeks ago and today is his or her birthday, how do you decide on what to give to him or her without passing a bad impression, yes you surely can pass a bad impression when you send the wrong gift to the right person, for instance sending a red dress to someone who hates red color or sending a game console to someone who detest gaming so much. The solution to this is to either send the person a gift card or use the yaioa gift app, with the yaioa gift app, the Gift receiver has the option to redeem his or her gift in 3 ways;

1. Redeeming the Gift In-Store: 

In this case, when the Gift receiver has gotten alert of the gift and where to pick it up, he or she would walk into the store to pickup the gift item

2. Redeem to Wallet: 

In this case the receiver will decide to convert the value or worth of the gift to a wallet credit in which he or she can use to send gift to anyone.

How do I redeem my Gift in Cash with Yaioa Gift

3. Redeem the Cash equivalent: 

This option allows the gift receiver or celebrant to receiver the worth or value of the Gift item as cash in his desired Bank Account.

Why is there no iOS app for Yaioa Gift

Currently there is only an Android Gift App for Yaioa and the iOS yaioa Gift App will be available on the iTunes store soon. We are currently working on the iOS app and it will be available soon, as soon as it is available, this post will be updated accordingly.

Where can I download the Gift App iOS App

The iOS app for Yaioa Gift will be available on the iTunes store soon and once it is, we will inform you via email and on this blog.

Who is Yaioa Gift Brand ambassador

A Yaioa Gift Brand Ambassador is anyone who represents the brand in a positive light, telling people about yaioa gift app and showing them how to use the app, our brand ambassadors also encourages people around them to use the yaioa gift app to send and receive gift. Anyone can become our brand ambassador, from students in campus to working class lovers, we give incentives like airtime topup and data subscription amongst other things to our ambassadors and we also celebrates our Ambassadors birthday in grand style with gift and presents at the sole discretion of the company. To become our brand Ambassador, kindly click the Brand Ambassador signup form to get started.

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