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What is Money: 1,000 ways to define Money based on who you are and what you want in Life

What is Money: 1,000 ways to define Money, based on who you are and what you want in life

"What is Money", The Question people don't care to ask all the time which makes a lot of people wholly fail in their bid to make money, become financially Independent and live the kind of Life that they have always envisioned to live. When you want to solve a problem, the first thing you do is to analyze the problem, it causes and with that you are already half way to solving the problem.

       Money might mean different thing to different people but the truth still remains that everybody is always looking for Money, so many things we do in life revolves around Money, people have gone haywire, rogue and aggressive all in the name of money, people have found peace, solace and Happiness all with the aid and help of Money, people have claimed superiority and higher rankings all with the influence of Money, people have been able to acquire the best Education with the help of Money, people have been able to quit their Jobs and travel the world at ease all with the help of Money, I can keep on naming so many things that Money has done around us but enough of that for now.

In a nutshell, we must first know deeply the intricacies of what we want before we go for it, the knowledge about it will be our guide to actually getting it the right way, the wrong way or not even getting it at all, and for this article on what money is, I will stick to Mike Murdock's definition for Money but before then, what are the other definitions of Money

1. Financial Exchange:

Anything of value that serves as a generally accepted medium of Financial exchange

2. Legal Tender for Payment of Debt:

Anything of value that serves as a legal tender for repayment of debts

3. Standard of Value:

Anything of value that serves as a standard of Value

4. Unit of Accounting Measure:

Anything of value that serves as a unit of Accounting measures

5. Means to Save or store Purchasing power:

Anything of value that serves as a means to Save or store purchasing power

6. Answer to Problems:

Anything of value that serves as an answer to problems

7. Reward for solving Problems:

Anything of value that serves as a Reward for solving problems.

These and many more definition of Money like your own definition of money will give us an in-depth understanding of money and how to get it, earn it, receive it, grow it, or make it. Your definition will also determine the term you use in actualizing or achieving the money goal, for the definition we are going with today, "a mere reward of solving a problem", the right keyword will be EARN IT, because the text there is quite self explanatory and applicable to quite a large number of people in the sense that almost 50% of people who owns money today actually earned it as a reward for the Problems they solved.

Now we know what Money is right? In case you missed it, "Money is a mere reward of solving a problem". There are lots of problems in the world, from the tiny Business Idea problem that some people have down to the complex Relationship issues and problem that millions of people encounter every where around the World. These problems are opportunity in disguise for you and me, these problems are Money in disguise for me and you, these problems are our source of Freedom in disguise, these problems are the road-map to our Wealth in disguise, these problems are the key to our Success in disguise and only when we see money that way would it be easier for us to solve the Money Making Puzzle.

People who have so much Money by Solving one problem or the other

There are thousands if not millions of people out there who are Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires all because they solved a problem and till date people are still becoming rich, getting hold of Money and living the life of their dreams all by solving problems.

1. Mark Zukerberg and Facebook:

Mark Zukerberg solved a problem with Facebook, a problem that affected billions of people around the World who now find solace in his solution.

2. Bill Gates and Microsoft:

Bill Gate solved a problem with Microsoft Windows Operating System, a problem that affected billions of people around the world who now confides in his solution

3. Jack Ma and Alibaba:

Jack Ma solved a problem with Alibaba and Aliexpress, a problem that was limiting the potentials of the Chinese Manufacturing Industry of greater export and showcase of their Products to the World

4. Bob Parsons and GoDaddy:

Bob Parsons solved a problem with GoDaddy, a problem that needed solution as at the time (1997).

And many more other cases of problems that were solved and how it resulted to the problem solver being rewarded with Money.

How do we Identify Problems that are Money in disguise around us

Now that we know that all the problems around us are Money in disguise, how do we Identify these problems and see beyond the problems, xraying into the problem to see the Money in it and then bring out the opportunity, cultivate and harvest the Money within it? Simple, first and foremost have these at the back of your mind, "you can do anything but not everything", which means you have to identify at least one problem in the areas of your strength, that is, areas you believe you are well knowledgeable or passionate about, then exploit this problem and solve it. 

If you are leaving in a town where people walk hundreds of miles away to go get Pizza, why not solve that problem by starting a small Pizza stand in that town. If people are finding it difficult to locate recreational centers around the city, why not curate a list of all the recreational centers in the city and make it available to people, once you are able to achieve this and people like it and begin to use it, don't worry about the Money part because it will always come, the second thing you do after identifying the problem is to solve it and get people to use it, of course if it was really a pressing problem, people won't hesitate to use it, after you have people using it, you can then Monetize your Solution though in some cases monetization comes organically or will I say automatically.

There are different ways to Monetize your Solutions and that will be discussed in our Business Model post but for now let us begin to identify problems around us and take that bold step to solve them, meanwhile do not forget to leave in the comment section your definition of Money.

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