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Websites you can earn from: What are the best Websites online that you can make money from

Websites you can earn from: What are the best Websites online that you can make money from 

All the time you hear about making Money online and some websites pops up and tell you that you can make Money on them doing one thing or the other, the truth remains that some are real with proof while some are fake and Scam, so I will go ahead to tell you how to decipher a real Money making website and the fake ones before giving a list of some Websites you can practically make money from but before then, let me iterate that some websites can actually make you Money and don't make your Friend a dime because of the difference in approach to using the site and when this happens, your friend actually write-off the website as a Scam or a website that doesn't truly make one Money.

How to Identify a Genuine Money Making Website from a Scam and Fake Website

There is one thing that makes so many people fall a prey to fake websites and the most common one is greed while the second reason known to me is laziness, how on earth will a website tells you to just come to their website everyday doing nothing and you will be credited some amount of Cash each Month, or how can a website tells you to click on their Ads each day and they will pay you at the end of the Months just for clicking on ads

1. TopBuzz: What is Topbuzz and how to Earn your first Money on Topbuzz, Is Topbuzz a Scam?

Today we are going to consider Topbuzz, one of the genuine sites out there that you can actually earn Cash from. Before we get deep into Topbuzz, I want to explain what Topbuzz is, if it is a Scam or a real website that you can earn from before I get into the details of how to earn from these Money making website among others.

Earlier on I talked about how to Identify websites that can actually earn you good Money online and one of the things I noted was that if any website promises to make you earn some Dollars and they are not asking you to do anything tangible or reasonable to generate income or in a nutshell they seem too good to be true, then know that you are in for some wasting of your precious time because to earn you have to do something that will one way or the other trigger someone, an entity, a group of persons or an organization to deep their hands into their pocket to pull out their hard earned Money and pay you, because the last time I checked, real money does not grow on trees, at least not on planet earth and everyone making money legally actually worked for it somehow, directly or indirectly.

No, Topbuzz is not a Scam but get to know if it is suitable for your Content before you Signup

Topbuzz happens to be one of the biggest and most widely used Media outlet in the China and Asia region, owned by ByteDance and have more prominence down down compared to the Western axis of the World. Topbuzz is a very big player when it comes to data and media, as a matter of fact, they acquired and was also rumored to have been interested in buying Reddit, looking at their estimated traffic from Similarweb, you will see that they are huge, with a whopping 39.86 Million estimated website visitors Monthly and growing.

Websites you can earn from: What are the best Websites online that you can make money from

Topbuzz allows users all around the world to share their Contents on their platform and get to earn Commission on those contents. Now your contents on Topbuzz's website will be monetized, like targeted advertisement will be placed on them and people interested on these ads will click and get to use, consume or patronize those companies advertising on your content and that way the advertisers pays Money to Topbuzz who in turn shares the profit with you. If you are a god Article writer, an image creator or a Video creator, then Topbuzz is the way to go on your mission to earn money online.

Topbuzz Payment Proof from Weekly Review Portal

Before you signup with Topbuzz, checkout this Video: Should you signup with Topbuzz?

2. Fiverr: What is Fiverr and how to Earn your first Cash on Fiverr, Is Fiverr a Scam?

Fiverr basically started as a micro service website where one can get things done for as low as $5 and as the site grew to cater for more users and service categories, the pricing model changed to include more options for an extra cash than the usual $5, though the minimal cost you can offer any service for still remains at five dollar per service. Fiverr is also a huge website with millions of user trooping into the site every month to get their services taken care of at a relatively low price.
Now back to our website genuineness check where we talked about how to look out for a genuine website as opposed to a fake scam website, one of the things we talked about was that the website will have to provide value and Fiverr does just that, for you to earn some bucks on fiverr, you have to be ready to revise that gig again and again until the client is satisfied with your work, at times this might be so frustrating when you meet the wrong client who cannot explain in simple term what he or she wants you to do. So for you to be able to make a living off fiverr, you must possess one skill or the other that you will use to provide services to your clientele which you will in turn get paid.

What do I need to start earning with Fiver?

In one of our articles, What skills do you need to acquire to start making Money today, like right away , we talked about the majority of people making Money off their skills and several skills you could acquire to start making money, we also looked at several websites that you can acquire these skills from. In another of our blog post, we talked about Money, what it is and how to get it What is Money: 1,000 ways to define Money based on who you are and what you want in Life, in this article we went ahead to admit that Money was a mere reward of solving a problem and we encouraged people who wants to make money to look out for problems they could solve. Now most of the time to solve a problem, one has to possess some level of skill in one profession or the other and with this skill the person can provide value to users in exchange for money.

Services you can offer on Fiverr and the Skills you need to get started 

On Fiverr you will need to solve people's problem to make some bucks and these problems ranges from logo designing, flyer design, website development, article writing, voice over and lots more;

A. Logo Design:

To offer logo design services to clients all over the World on Fiverr, you would have to have a Graphic design skills, like you have to be conversant with eitheir one of these tools, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Ilustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe InDesign or CorelDraw

B. 2D Explainer Videos:

To offer services on this niche, you would have to learn how to use platforms like VideoScribe and Powtoons to create animated Commercials and Explainer videos for clients who wants to create an explainer video that tells people what their product is about within a short 1 - 5 minutes video.

C. Article writing:

First start by learning the art of writing then get to know about Search Engine Optimization and keyword research from Alex Genadinik's Marketing Course on Udemy Marketing Strategy to reach 1,000,000! SEO & Social Media

D. Voice Over Service:

For voice over services, you need to learn to talk in different voice and try to know the art of mimicking ascents and different gender voices and after that, get your hands on Adobe Audition and maybe Audacity

E. Business Card and Stationary:

You will still need the Photoshop and CorelDraw skill to design Business Cards and Stationary for your Clients. Lot of companies spend hundred is not thousands of Dollars to design and print their Branded materials like Business Card and other stationary materials.

F. Flyers and Brochures:

There are lot of tools and Utilities that could allow you build Flyers and Brochures without any design skill, most of them are online software based on the cloud while others are desktop software you have to download and install on your Windows or MAC PC. But to follow the professional approach would be to use Photoshop or CorelDraw.

G. Video and Animation:

The Video animation Industry has gotten a boom more than what it was several years ago and many people are jumping into this niche to create a lifetime career as 3D Animators, Cartoon animators, Motion graphics animator and SFX creators. To be able to achieve this, you will need to learn Blender, 3D Max or 3D Maya.

H. Programming and Tech:

It is no doubt that you can make a fortune off web design and Development as it has been a fact that Millions have become so wealthy through this niche. You can deside to be a Web Designer dealing with website Frontend Architectures like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap and jQuery. Being a Web Developer or a Software Developer will entail more, for you to be a developer which will require you to deal with the Back-end architecture of a Website, you will need to acquire skills like PHP, Perl or Python, MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle, Java, C# or C.
And lots more...

3. Direct Cellars: What is Direct Cellars and how to Earn your first Cash on Direct Cellars, Is Direct Cellars a Scam? 

Do you love Wine or are you into Winery Business, do you consume wine each daily, weekly or casually at Home, do you know of someone who loves wine so much, be it a neighbor, a Friend, a relative or Business partners, do you know of a coworker or colleague who consume wine who has great taste for wine? If you can answer yes to few or all of these questions, then you are about to make your first $250 from Direct Cellars, the wine tasting Multi Level Marketing Company who ships 3 Bottle of different wines to your doorsteps each Month and pays you for referring friends and Families up to the tune of two hundred and fifty dollars per successful referral. 

Direct Cellars What is Direct Cellars and how to Earn your first Cash on Direct Cellars, Is Direct Cellars a Scam

Before we get into the details of how direct cellars works, let's do our Genuine site check once again, Direct Cellars has a product it sells through its Wine Club Membership system, it curates the finest of wine from around the World directly from the Manufacturers and ship it to it members month after month with a new flavor and brand every month, from there they make Money off the wine sales and the membership fee they collect from new Members that you refer to join the Club, that way you see the reason for you to get paid and where the Money is actually coming from and beyond that you can be rest assured that the Business will last longer because it has a sustainable Business model as compared to some Get Rich Quick schemes that could actually make you some cash initially, but due to its unsustainable business model, it is rest assured to collapse, an example of such is MMM.

Is Direct Cellars a Scam, is the MLM Wine Club really a Scam or a Genuine website?

The answer to that questions is a Capital NO, Direct Cellars is actually not a Scam and have worked for me in the past couple of months, I have made more than a thousand dollars ($1,000) by just recommending the club to Friends, families, loved ones and colleagues who signups and my referral fee is sent to my Account and some who made a purchase for their monthly wine delivery also added to my earnings giving me a side income while I go about my day to day job. 

Is Direct Cellars a Scam, is the MLM Wine Club really a Scam or a Genuine website?

What do I need to start earning from Direct Cellars Wine Club

First and foremost you would have to signup for the Membership on the direct cellars website which will automatically get you started and ready to start earning, there are two ways to interact with direct cellars.  There are basically two phases to the Direct Cellars Business, there is the part where you become a member and can refer people to signup as member and earn and can also refer people as customers who orders wine and also earn and are two membership plans, 1. There is a membership plan of $249.95 that will give you monthly 4 Bottles of Wine and a $499.95 plan that will give you access to 12 Bottles of wine monthly. Before you proceed, kindly NOTE that direct cellars is only available to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. The breakdowns are available below;

A. Join as an Independent Representative:

(You will make Money referring people and also from Sales of Customers who buys wine under your link)

I. Premium Wine Lover: 

With a Membership of $249.95, One Time Off
4 Hand picked bottles of wine delivered to your doorstep
Business Services package
Personal website and back office
20% Off wine case re-orders available from your back office

II. Premium Wine Lover Elite:

With a Membership of $499.95, One Time Off
12 Hand picked bottles of wine delivered to your doorstep
Business Services package
Personal website and back office
40% Off wine case re-orders available from your back office

B. Join as a Customer: (You won't make any Money but will have access to Premium Wines)

I. VIP Customer Club 4: 

With a Membership of $79.95, One Time Off
4 Hand picked bottles of wine delivered to your doorstep
25% Off wine case orders 
25% Annual Membership Fee at Checkout

II. VIP Customer Club 2: 

With a Membership of $49.95, One Time Off
2 Hand picked bottles of wine delivered to your doorstep
25% Off wine case orders 
25% Annual Membership Fee at Checkout

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